3/16/2017        1.0        Initial release.

3/17/2017        1.01       Fixed bug that could cause motionless, invincible enemy boats
                            to remain on the map.
3/20/2017        1.02       Greatly improved physics for low-end machines.
                            You can now press F to toggle fullscreen.
3/23/2017        1.03       New power-up: Spread Gun!
                            New boat!
                            Improved server stability (should reduce "connection issue"
                            error messages.)
3/27/2017        1.04       New power-ups: Shrapnel Gun and Double Shot.
                            Fixed bug that caused players to sometimes spawn on top of each other.
                            Reduced load time.
                            Fixed bug that caused excessive video ads for some users.
                            Fixed bug that caused the cursor not to unlock during video ads.
                            Updated boat model.
                            Reduced bandwidth requirements.
3/29/2017        1.05       Xbox 360 controller support.

4/5/2017         1.06       Combat log.

4/6/2017         1.07       Used GPU instancing for shots. This lays the groundwork for larger
                            match sizes.

4/7/2017         1.08       Larger level.
                            More players per match.
                            Fixed issue that could cause you to "run out" of shots during a
                            long play session.
                            Start with a random name instead of "Guest."
                            Fixed bug that caused duplicate messages in the combat log.
4/9/2017         1.09       Added kill streaks.
                            Fixed collision issues.
4/18/2017        1.10       New guns: homing shot and explode-o-laser.
                            Bug fixes.
5/22/2017        1.11       Ramps.
                            New boat skins.
                            Health bars.
5/26/2017        1.12       Mobile controls.

5/28/2017        1.13       Added more skins. There are now 8 in total.

5/29/2017        1.14       Implemented chat.
                            Added sea spray behind boats.
6/10/2017        1.15       You can now choose your boat skin.
                            When a match drops below 3 players, it is automatically consolidated with others.
11/5/2017        1.16       Added private matches. (They're accessible from the eye icon on the main menu.)
                            Implemented day/night cycle.
11/19/2017       1.17       Implemented rain and snow.

11/23/2017       1.18       When you ram someone, they take damage in proportion to your speed. If you kill
                            someone by ramming, you get credit for the kill (as well as a powerup).
                            Fixed a bug that allowed players to get outside the map.
7/30/2018        1.19       Added boost. Hold the right mouse button (or Y on your controller) to activate.

3/3/2019         1.20       Fixed several bugs, including one that caused seafoam to disappear and not come
                            back until the page was refreshed. Added mailing list signup.

6/28/2019        1.21       4 new skins.

7/8/2019         1.22       Added sound!